Believe me, your mornings could be much better!

good-morningsSome mornings I struggle to drag myself out of bed.  I know there are many people that suffer from this same problem, and I wish I had the solution to this issue.  I find myself using music to wake myself up most mornings and that seems to help.  Then I got the bright idea to try some music I don’t enjoy.  The idea being that I’ll want to get up and going, but I found myself waking up in a less than positive mood.  Some mornings, getting myself into the bathroom and splashing cold water on my face works.  While other mornings, setting my alarm early enough to get up on my own terms works best.

The awesome people over at DailyBurn have a great article on this, and how to trick yourself into becoming a “morning person”.  In this case, the term refers to someone that can bound out of bed and run right into the day.  However, the parts that I find most difficult are getting 8 hours of sleep, and powering down.  I pride myself on being a new entrepreneur, but just like the rest, I never seem to have time.  With my 8-5 job and a desire to spend time with my beautiful wife and child, when can I do “my stuff”?  So I take from my sleep time.

Whether at the start or end of the sleep cycle, I am stealing the time from myself, right?  However, one thing I would like to try is just waking up earlier.  One of the keys in the article I linked to was to give yourself a reason to wake up.  What better reason than some valuable “me” time to work on my projects?

Though I do like to call myself a “morning person”, I still have some work to do.  Maybe I need to just go all in and try out The Rock Clock

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