New things mixed in with some old! Reflections

So this weekend I was in the hospital with my lovely wife.  We had our second child, another boy.  I do feel much better equipped, since I already have one.  However, as John Lennon said, “life is what happens when you are making plans.”  I know there will be some new challenges.  However, that newness lends itself to the “fun” factor.

I try to approach many things in life with this mindset.  I feel that it helps me appreciate things that come my way.  As an entrepreneur, I feel that I expend so much energy on looking for opportunities.  This could bestarting-new anything from ideas for a new business, products for an existing business, or even increasing exposure to clients for my existing businesses.  It gets to be very tiring, and sometimes I need a breather.  Enter the wife.

I had a conversation with her tonight about her being so filled with love for our family.  She feels that she truly understands when people say that their heart “beats outside of their chest.”  I feel a degree of envy, mixed with awe, for her.  I don’t know that I have anything in my life that I was so fiery and passionate about, and I love her and our family to pieces.  Thinking about it now, a couple hours later, I feel some of what she is talking about.

The things she describes are no different than the feelings one gets as an entrepreneur.  You create things, build them, help them grow, and the whole time you worry that someone, somewhere, wishes to take them, or do them harm.  So you continue to build them up, keep training them; and making them stronger.  I’ve never created a business and actually had it physically come from my body, though.

For a moment, I understood what she meant.

Now I would never go so far as to say that creating a business is exactly the same as giving birth, because that’s not a fair statement.  This little reflection does, however, serve as a great reinforcement.  A reinforcement that everything we come across in life can act as a high-level transfer to a completely unrelated subject.

Always Forward!

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