J.A.R.V.I.S. snag, and why is there water on my floor!

So JARVIS was not there for me this week.  Or rather, I wasn’t there for it.  On Monday, my water heater let go, and started leaking.  While I certainly did not enjoy this, it gets even better.  I called up the plumber that installed my boiler and water heater only to find out that he is on vacation.  Perfect, he left an emergency contact.  I went right to voicemail.  Anger is building at this point because I know how much we paid for everything, and I expected a different level of service.  Now at this point, I did have to recognize that I got lucky because I was downstairs when the leak really hit its stride.  However, JARVIS needs his leak detector sensors because he should have been able to let me know.  This is my fault, as I delayed ordering them.

So the next day I did hear from the plumber and he came right out that morning to look at the tank which was excellent.  However, after being there for about 15 minutes he established that the tank did need to be replaced.  Ok, that is why we bought a tank with a lifetime warranty, right?  Then the bomb was dropped; they were having trouble getting the manufacturer, Triangle Tube, to honor the warranty.

There are a couple of issues here, first being that the tank lasted almost 5 years exactly.  Now, this is an problem because a typical water heater can be expected to last 7-10 years.  There are even some longer-term anomalies for those of you that conduct annual maintenance on them.  The next issue is the fact that Triangle Tube was supposedly a reputable and reliable company.  If that is true, then why is Triangle Tube fighting “LIFETIME WARRANTIES”.  I don’t care what the cause is, if someone has a problem on a lifetime warranty, just replace it.  You are going to be replacing it at some point anyway.

Building off of all of this we hit another snag, There is a chance that the manufacturer is not going to warranty the tank at which point I have to purchase and install a new tank at my expense.  After reading through reviews online, however, I am not so sure that I want the replacement tank from them.  It isn’t like I will get a warranty on the new tank anyway.  Also, it seems to be a fairly common problem to have these Smart 40 tanks die in some cases as early as 2 years after they are installed.

So for those of you keeping score, I may go through two tanks in the span of an average water heater life-cycle.  On top of that it will be as if I never bought a warranty to begin with.  Some of you will say but you did get a free tank out of the warranty anyway so it served its purpose.  To this I say, you are incorrect.  When we bought the tank, the expectation was that in a worst-case scenario we would get 14 years out of the deal.  This is assuming we only got 7 years on each tank, of course.  So to get 2 tanks in a potential 7 year period, I would tell you that I significantly overpaid.

The moral of the story, don’t screw over your customers.  Also, get JARVIS his water sensors.  Oh, and home ownership is the best thing ever.

Triangle Tube Smart 40 Indirect Fired Water Heater=FAIL

Triangle Tube as a company=FAIL

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