Update on the tank! Maybe it isn’t as bad as it felt?

So an update to my last post, we were able to get the tank replaced which is cool, but I no longer have faith in the manufacturer.  This leads me to constantly check on the tank in the basement.  The manufacturer claims that they have worked out the issue.  However, based on recent reviews online, nothing has changed.  This leads me to believe that I will experience another tank failure.  I learned since my last article that an indirect fired water heater should last longer than your typical water heater which added further fuel to the fire.

One positive that came from this was the fact that I was finally “motivated” to clean out the basement.  Water damage on your stuff is a fairly good motivator.  Thankfully, we did not lose anything important, and I was able to reorganize the gym area.  I also found that I had a whole bunch of tools that I was not using.  This allowed me some time to reorganize my tools and to even find some things to sell online.  I also had some time to add some more lights in the basement.  So now I have a ultra-convenient light over the breaker panel.  Also, there is a nice one over the media closet down there too.

I also finished building walls for the landing and doorway going into the basement.  I’m pretty happy with how it all came out, and luckily so does the wife.  A point that just happens to be a larger factor.

Though I still don’t like Triangle Tube, nor am I happy with their products, nothing is worth hanging onto for too long.  There is silver lining in everything bad that we experience.  Sometimes it is harder to see than others, but it is up to each of us to take the time to see it.

While I didn’t enjoy cleaning up the basement or the garage afterwards, it had to be done.  What better time than now, right?  Now it is just a matter of finding a place for the remaining items.  I am also hoping to find all of my missing screwdrivers, since I have the worst luck with keeping my in-house tools organized.  My garage tools stay just fine, though.  I do need to finish a couple of other items before the snow becomes a regular thing, though.  I need to hang the firring strips for what will soon be a ceiling in the garage.  Apparently it isn’t code to have an exposed ceiling in a garage that is below living space, or something.

Sometimes bad things happen.  However, don’t get dragged down by it.  Find a way to look past it and recognize that things do get better.  But above all else do not blame the world for the misfortunes you are experiencing.  To do that releases any power you have over your life.  Take charge and find something good.  Look past the bad and move on.  You’ll be better for it.

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