Post-Christmas After Action Review – Growth

Christmas was a whirlwind.  There is nothing else that describes it quite as well.  Owing to the fact that I have a day job and two businesses, as well as a family, I am no stranger to how fast the weekends fly by.  Holidays make it that much faster when factoring in travel and parties.  This year presented new opportunities and new reflections.  Christmas Eve was spent with family, but Christmas Day we spent at home.  This proved to be quite fortunate as both my wife and son were quite sick.  I did what I could to help out and ultimately ended up fighting the sickness myself the following day.  I would love to tell you I was the image of stability, but in reality the perfect storm was raging inside my body.  However, despite this horrendous detail I was still provided with opportunities for growth.

Though this holiday is typically associated with fun family get-togethers, it also led to some obstacles and minor disappointments in my life.  First, I finished my workout program last week and Monday was to be the start of something new.  Let me tell you about the workout I had on Monday.  Get out of bed, stumble to couch, fall asleep on couch.  I practiced breathing exercises and mastered multiple variations of corpse pose in Yoga.  I was bummed, and disgusted because I like to think I can force myself to push through it.  However, when your energy stores are just hanging out at zero, you need to rest and replenish.  After all, it isn’t worth getting sicker, or getting those around you sick.

Second, my diet took a hit.  I have been following Keto for a few months now, and I have been quite happy with the results.  However, I have been doing sloppy Keto in the sense that I could be doing cleaner eating.  I have been making liberal usage of bacon and its grease.  Yesterday, I even ate some crackers to help settle my stomach.  THE CARBS!  Admittedly, it did seem to help.  I don’t know if I knocked myself out of ketosis, but even if I did, it isn’t the end of the world.  I’ll get through this and I will be much better off because of it.

Some days our goals may be delayed.  Putting them on hold is okay.  Sometimes this provides an opportunity to re-evaluate to see if you are still aligned with them.  Growth comes from change.  Be honest with yourself, maybe you don’t care as much about getting your Master’s degree by age 33 anymore.  There isn’t any shame in removing goals that no longer apply to you.

No matter what it is that we are doing in life, there will always be obstacles.  After all, we yearn for smooth sailing the most during the most chaotic of times.  Without the bad we would never appreciate the good.  I prefer to think of them as “growth opportunities” since we would not need to change course without them.  Though some may seem insurmountable at times, we can get through whatever comes our way.  If you need help, reach out to anyone you trust.  Reach out to me, I’m always available.

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