The gym has suddenly increased in attendance!!!

So it is that time of year again, NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!!!  According to NBC News, the most common searched term for new years resolution for 2017 was…surprise, surprise…Get Healthy.  The gym I belong to has seen an uptick in membership.  This happens every year, and sometimes lasts through to March, but typically I have seen the increased attendance last until around Valentine’s Day!  Now I am at a gym that has a massive shared parking lot so I am not concerned in that area.  Additionally, the gym is fairly well spread out, so I won’t be fighting for space.

Typically these are the complaints of the regulars whenever the two annual waves happen.  The New Years Resolution crowd is the first wave and the second wave is in June.  These people are hurrying to get their beach body in time for the nice weather.  Timing is everything!  Other complaints include issues with people not cleaning up after themselves or not being familiar with gym etiquette.

The thing to keep in mind, however, is there was a time when we were all in that position.  No one starts out an expert in anything.  It takes hard work, dedication, time and a whole lot of mess-ups.  Rather than looking down on these “newbies” from your ivory towers, perhaps you can just be ready to assist in the event that they need help.  Or better yet, encourage them when they look like they aren’t doing too well.

I remember when I started out at the gym, going with my father a handful of times.  There were days where I was just copying what he was doing, not knowing any better and assuming that this was the key to getting in shape.  Without my asking questions of people that were in better shape, and doing my own research, I would not be the Adonis-like figure that I am now.  That last part is said in jest.  However, I have made great strides on my journey at improving my fitness and form.

None of that would have been possible without the encouragement and guidance of my peers.  The truth is, people serious about fitness are very willing to help others.  As with most skilled individuals, the help will not usually come as readily until they see that you are prepared to put in work.  Everyone wants the quick fix to their problem.  This is the reason why the second wave comes at the beginning of summer.  They think that they have the time to be able to look fit for the beach.

The main point is when you go to the gym and have to deal with more people than usual, suck it up.  After all, these people are trying to improve.  Why would you stand in the way of someone else’s progress?  Choosing to impede their progress actually impairs your own.

Remember, it took a team to land on the moon, climb Everest, and reach the depths of the ocean.  You want greatness?  Better start accepting that you need a team.

One thought on “The gym has suddenly increased in attendance!!!

  1. Well said! I remember when I first started going, my friend insisted that I go with her and she showed me how all the equipment worked so I wouldn’t feel clueless and intimidated. Now I can go on my own and feel completely comfortable doing so. Having someone help you out and not feel judged is so helpful in the process of forming a new healthy habit 🙂

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