Rabbit Hole – Part 2 – Or Why Beats?

When I last left you, I was still looking for headphones.  I made my decision, but before I get to the big reveal, let’s build up to it.  All suspenseful-like…starting with Beats.

I mentioned before that it seems everyone uses Beats headphones, but I didn’t expand on why I don’t.  I have had the HD solo headset, the Beats Studio cans, and a set of the Powerbeats.  Of the three, the solos and the studio both had the left ear go bad on me.  Warranty replaced them which was pretty…expected.  Once I got the replacements, though, I sold them because I was concerned about the quality.  I had hopes that the failure would be an isolated incident.  I picked up the Powerbeats because I wanted something light, and wireless.  They worked quite well, but I found myself not wanting to wear them as much because the bass-heavy design of the Beats brand was diluting some of the music I was listening to.  So I sold those.  I bought the Studios last, and I had hoped that with the bigger speakers I would have less bass-fatigue.  When the left went out on these I decided that Beats wasn’t for me.

As I mentioned before, my current headset is the LG Infinim headset.  It is bluetooth and gets wonderful ratings for sound quality as well as battery life.  I was looking at the Bluetooth options from Bose, but the price was a bit more than I would be ok with spending on headphones.  Then I looked at some of the options from Jaybird, specifically the X2, X3 and Freedom headsets.  Jaybird offers an amazing warranty that gives a free replacement even if you sweat-damage the headset.  A buddy of mine (shout out to Gypsy) told me to check out the waterproof Skullcandy in-ear’s, and I have to admit that SkullCandy has come a long way.  However, these headsets weren’t grabbing me, then I stumbled across a review of the Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones.  There were a few reviews by people saying that they were perfectly fine to work out with, and the sound was being recognized as audiophile-grade.  Pricing was steep at $150, but not scary-enough when compared to the Jaybirds.  The biggest problem, though, was the fact that they are wired.  Time for more research.

After reading about the wonders of sound quality and wanting to fancy myself a learning audio-fan I decided that if the cable was long enough then wired was the way to go for me.  Measured some string out and weighted the ends, and then did movements common in my workouts.  The cable was going to be long enough that I wouldn’t rip it out, but not so long that it snags or droops anywhere.

I did a quick search on the local platforms for selling and found a pair of them on eBay for almost half-price.  I’ll take refurbished any day.  Got the headphones in and I absolutely love them.  The little loop that holds them in your ear is still something I am getting used to.  However, during workout, the headphones didn’t go anywhere.  Big success in my book.

Now to just find one of those Astell&Kern DAPs for 90% off.


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