Reorganizing and Re-purposing Old Spaces

Reorganizing the Basement…again!

So this past weekend I went on a spree of cleaning up and reorganizing the basement.  Some of you that have been around for a bit will remember that I did this only a couple months ago when the water heater fiasco happened.  The basement should have definitely stayed clean for some time.  However, I had been selling things from the pallet of product I purchased on a closeout.  So, despite my best efforts, things were quite a bit cluttered down there.

​The basement has an open floor plan, as many do, but there is a somewhat small closet in the corner of the room.  That closet, since we moved into the house, has been one of two locations for nearly anything computer related in the house.  Since my Fios box and Cox modem, it made sense to store my other stuff downstairs.  Naturally, when you use this as a dumping ground every time you take your computer apart, or find random cables around the house, it gets rather messy.  Though I took forever to get around to cleaning it, what better time than now?

​I had started cleaning it by removing the door, and the “frame” of said door and throwing them away.  Now I could see all of the shelves from end to end.  For your mental image, the shelves are only approximately 3.5-4 ft long.  I pulled everything out and separated it into things worth keeping, trash, and selling.  Some of you may have a harder time with this, but the biggest pile was trash.  I should have expected this as I don’t like to hold onto very many things, but clearly I wasn’t paying attention to that when I was putting this stuff away.


Looking at this mess I made, I started bagging up the trash and realized that I didn’t even need all of the shelves that were in the former-closet.  After pulling out a couple of those, I thought about the idea of moving my printer up from the floor.  This made it easier to read the display, change toner, get print-outs, and so much more.  All these efficiencies.  Then I remember what prompted this whole need…


Earlier in the day, I had one of my closest friends over.  We were talking about the layout downstairs and the conversation had drifted to firearms as we were trying to plan out a range day.  Those of you that know me, know that I enjoy killing some paper from time to time.  Then we started talking about storage, and I had this space I could use…

I want to build a gun vault.

I know this is such a polarizing topic.  Regardless of how you view firearms, we can all agree that safety is a chief responsibility of gun-ownership.  I have kids, and they won’t fear guns, rather they will respect them.  However, that will come when the time is right.  Until then, they don’t even need to see them.

​​From [Basement] Chaos Comes Order

I will argue that in order to properly re-purpose any space it is absolutely necessary to take stock of your current position.  This endeavor of mine isn’t too lofty, but it did present a great opportunity for me to just clean up and clean out.

I think I am going to start looking for more opportunities to do this in other parts of the house.

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