Things I have learned from building a business

Building a business is wonderful

​Recently, I decided to close my Aggro Clothing business, and started reflected on my work.  Over the course of 13 months I learned an incredible amount regarding e-commerce and building a company.  There were shortcomings, and instances where I was under-prepared for certain elements.  However, I do recognize that overall it was a very positive experience.  Have you ever considered starting a business?

What did my business do wrong?

I don’t know that I would say it did wrong, but I started a business in a saturated market.  The low barriers to entry were very appealing since this was my first attempt at building something like this.  Now, I knew going into it that the industry was saturated.  I chose to continue forward because I expected it to be most valuable in terms of education.  This in mind, education is one of the best investments for me, so that was the motivation.

​What did it do right?

So, so many things.  I met some incredible people, and received overwhelming support. Learning about many different e-commerce platforms and minor web-design strategies were also interesting side-effects. Working with some very talented artists, I was able to breathe life into designs that I came up with.  It also provided an outlet for some of my brand ambassadors’ creative skills.  Additionally, I had somehow (inadvertantly) created an image through my website that the business was much more successful evidenced by an offer to buy.  For that being my first business and crafting this image, I am super proud.

​Let’s go deeper

What I have learned about business seems so fundamental.  If you have a firm grasp on your true customers, then you know how to be successful.  If you are able to identify the core demographics then you are easily able to determine needs or wants.  This would undoubtedly contribute to gigantic success for your business.  I have to admit, I was not particularly skilled in this area.  I struggled for the longest time at honing in on the group of people that I identified as my core clients.

​How did business go?

It was fun.  More than anything I had a blast.  I chose to close it down because I found myself dedicated less energy to it than I needed to in order to make it more successful.  Additionally, sales had been flat and it was not something that excited me as much as it once had.  So I chose to step back and dedicate this time, energy, and money to other adventures.  I am still doing my arbitrage and enjoying it for the time being.  I am also still considering building more things, just for the sake of learning.

​Have you started working on your ideas?  Need some help?

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