Lady Luck can’t have her eye out for all of us…

Sometimes the luck is in my favor.

I know most of you are aware of my Amazon business where I buy and sell a bunch of things.  Whether or not it really can be identified as a business is a topic for debate, I’m sure.  That can be a topic for another day.

This day, however, is going to be dedicated to that dirty idea of “opportunism”.  Whether you call it luck, fate, or fortune, sometimes life presents opportunities that are too good to pass up.  I had one of those encounters the other day.

There is a store I went into that I haven’t visited in a while.  I figured I would just see, on a whim, if there were any products I could resell to jump-start sales online.  Walking through the entire store, I didn’t find a great number of compelling items.  Honestly, my cart had some LED bulbs, and a few jars of coconut oil.  Being ungated in grocery, I can sell it on Amazon, so that was going to be a test purchase.  The bulbs weren’t too interesting to me because it looked like I was only going to be seeing a $1-$2 profit on each bulb sold.  Still a profit though, so I bought everything.

​How is this luck?

I went home and unloaded everything into the house.  I put it all down in my work area so I could list, package and ship everything the next day.  We had some company come over, and I had mentioned to my buddy about the Amazon business.  He was curious about it so I took him downstairs to show him the process.  In doing so, I realized the bulbs are also sold in multi-packs.  Looking at the multi-packs, my small profit just multiplied by a factor of 5.

​So I asked my buddy if he was interested in going for a ride.  We took the Forester because I knew the Jetta wasn’t equipped for this mission.  We drove back to the store, and I asked the first employee I saw, “Hey, how much will you take off the price if I buy ALL of your stock?”  She went to go get the manager, who came over and asked me what I meant.  I explained that I wanted to buy out their entire stock, and he looked at it and said unfortunately they cannot do anything with the price.  It was worth a shot, but I still went ahead and counted out all the bulbs.

Sounds pretty lucky.

​We stuffed the Forester completely full.  To the point that if the store would have required a highway trip, I would have been afraid of being pulled over because there was no seeing out the back.  It took me about 6 hours total to wrap, label, package and ship everything.  They have been selling which is wonderful.

​Nonetheless, luck is no longer in my favor as it seems all of the stores have a cap of 10 per customer now.  I’m not saying I’m responsible, as it could have been just plain luck and a good manager that got me the first purchase.  So the search continues for a profitable and refillable product.

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