Flying too high and going too fast! – Helicopter Stories

Helicopters are AWESOME!

My neighbor, such an awesome guy, gave my son an RC helicopter.  His kids had received them but never used them.  LB (my son) was super excited to play with it, but we were unable to get some time to play with it until just the other day.  This thing is nice.  Feels solidly built, has an internal Li-Ion battery and the remote control is the only part that has batteries that need to be replaced.

Crisis Strikes!

I started off nice and slow getting used to the control and lift of the helicopter.  Then I started trying to get it to hover so I could work on control.  Well, I got ambitious, and it went too high then dropped to the ground.  Picked it up and dusted it off, everything seems fine.  However, something is off, as the rear rotor no longer turns.  The helicopter cannot lift off of the ground now.

What popped into my head was something my wife had said to me not long ago.  She had said that I have a tendency to go “all in” on something only to find that when my interest wanes I am already moving on to something else.  I don’t know how to have an alternative there.  I don’t even know what the alternative would be, since I would think that we should be able to move onto something else that interests us.  However, her point was still valid, as there are some times in which I cannot quite decide when to hold, or when to fold.

The helicopter brought to mind the old story of Icarus, flying too high and too close to the sun.  He paid the ultimate price for wanting to go higher and higher.  I thought more about this today when I was taking the tail apart to see if I can figure out what happened.  My curiosity won’t let me quit on this investigation, but it is also kind of fun.  If I can get this working again then it is important not just for the joy it brings to LB, but also for the symbolism associated with the repair and eventual emergence of helicopter 2.0!

I’ve closed with this before, but never has it been so appropriate, so…Onward and Upward!!!

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