On continuing to eat and live keto-adapted

Ugh, Keto, again?

​Many of you have seen some of the pieces I shared with recipes that are keto-friendly.  Additionally, some of you have reached out to ask me for more information.  Recently, however, someone reached out and told me that it is not a sustainable long-term plan.  Now, I don’t know what is considered long-term.  I, also, do not know how long I will continue to pursue keto, but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  I want to share with you some of the tips related to keto.  If you have questions, absolutely reach out to me.

​What is this Keto thing, in 50 words or less?

​Keto, short for ketogenic, is a “diet” that focuses on a macro blend of approximately 80% Fat, 15% Protein, and 5% Carbs each day.  The goal is to get your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs.  This is accomplished through carb-limiting.

​How long have I been doing keto?

I started the ketogenic approach in Sept 2016.  That places me in the tail end of my 7th month.  When I started, I was coming off of a lean diet that had very boring foods and flavors (or lack, thereof!)  Keto stuck out to me because I could eat all of these seemingly forbidden foods and still lose weight.  Naturally, I did not believe it, but what did I have to lose?

​What are some of the tools that help me to stay on track?

​For all things related to the science behind ketogenic, the two best sites I can recommend are bodybuilding.com and ruled.me.  Both sites offer an incredible amount of information including discussions on the validity and viability of this approach.  If you are curious about it, I would strongly suggest starting there.
​Additionally, for meal planning, I cannot recommend EatThisMuch enough.Their system makes it easy to plan out your meals, and if you pay for the membership, each week, you can get an email of your grocery list so you have everything in one place for when you go to the store.

Why am I sharing this?

​Since adopting keto, I have lost a total of 25 pounds.  I feel great, despite the first week or so with that crappy “keto flu”, but once I added more salt into my diet, that was no longer an issue.  My workout took a hit originally, and there are days where I feel as if I cannot seem to do the same numbers.  However, it has forced me to re-orient myself to stop caring about the weights.  So long as I get a solid workout, with weak arms and all, what does it matter if it is a 35 lb dumbbell or a 45 lb.?

For transparency, I am an affiliate with ruled.me, and any purchase of one of their plans does provide me with some compensation.  That being said, in no way does this take any legitimacy from Craigs’s work on that site.

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