The importance of the side hustle…

What is this about side hustle?

​Many of you that know me outside of this blog know that I love a good side hustle.  For those of you that don’t know me outside of this, you know now.  A side hustle is anything that makes you money outside of your job.  Or, to put it much better, courtesy of the podcast, “The Side Hustle Show“, “Your 9-5 makes you a living, but your 5-9 makes you feel alive.”  This can be anything from writing on a freelance website, or dogwalking, or really anything.

Why do you need a side hustle?

​Who doesn’t like some extra money?  Maybe you want to use the money for a vacation, travel, or to buy that cool new tv for the living room?  I have my own plans for this money, but the best part for me is the fact that I am honing my skills in areas I may not have much opportunity in otherwise.

​What are some of these hustles?

T​oday I was looking through some posts that people were looking for help on.  I came across someone looking for some help with web design.  Though this is something I don’t do in my day job, I have designed my websites for all of my own projects.  So, why not?  I reached out to him and we are talking about what he wants to do, and maybe it will turn into something.

​Another side gig I am working on now has me setting up a DVD with a menu and overall finish work on a film that will be presented at several film festivals coming up.  I have never had any work in that kind of thing before, but I am curious by nature, so why not?

​One of my friends is a drone pilot, not the military kind.  He is working on his own hustle that will have him using his hobby of flying to make him some extra money.  He also is very interested in photography and videography, so it just seems to be a natural fit for him to make money doing these things.

Couldn’t this make these things less fun?

​Sure, everything has the potential to lose its luster.  However, the side hustle is awesome simply because YOU are the one in control.  When it stops being fun, stop doing it.  Move onto something else.  No one said you had to choose one role and stick with it.  I am more like a shotgun, I’ll land on the target, but I am COVERING that target.

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