Finding your niche – or why it is important to self-study

I’m sure my niche is taken.

​​Normally I’m not the type to talk in terms of us all being unique and special.  I do believe that there is a unique excellence in each of us, though.  In that sense, I wanted to discuss finding your niche in life.  I don’t mean to imply that it should be something no one has ever heard of.  Just because you have an uncle that was a pig farmer, don’t assume that you aren’t meant to be a pig farmer (or that you are.)

We, as people, grow in life when we do the things that challenge us.  However, in order for us to flourish, as individuals, we must pursue the ideas and activities that interest us.

​Be different, like everyone else.

​Looking back at the things I have enjoyed doing, I feel confident that business was definitely the right choice for me in school.  I pursued economics for undergrad, and Operations Management for grad school.  No matter what, I wanted to be involved in the growth and development of an organization.  I came to this realization when I thought about the fact that I have worked since I was 15.  Though this is not a unique situation, I was working full-time hours at that age.

I realized that I enjoyed making money, and I have been fortunate to find myself in many different wonderful opportunities to make money.  Not all of my jobs were a blast, but every single one brought life lessons for me.

​What does this have to do with my niche?

​When you look at the things you spend your time on, what do you see?  Is it family? Friends? TV?  Whatever it is that gets your time, that is what you will become.  For this reason I dedicate a significant amount of time to reading, learning, and experimenting.  What was the last book you read, or podcast you listened to?  Was it something to help you learn a new skill, or something to just pass the time?

How can I find my niche?

​This blog has often held a very prominent focus on personal development.  Many of the ideas I have had, and ventures I have toyed with, can be linked directly to some of the podcasts I subscribe to.  Some of the ones I am listening to right now are the following:

  • ​Freakonomics Radio
  • The Side Hustle Show
  • Side Hustle School (Excellent for quick listen, only 10 min per episode)
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • TED Radio Hour

​There are so many different topics, and podcasts out there that I am nearly 100% confident that you will find something that interests you.

​Leave a comment and let me know what you think?  Have you found your niche?  Do you have ideas on finding where you best fit?

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